Vendor Commission Plugin

Versions: 4.2
This plugin allows the store owner to define the commission percentage or a fixed amount on the basis of product quantity for each vendor. This plugin only works correctly with a default nopCommerce. To ensure the plugin will work ok for your customized website please contact us

In multi-vendor store, managing the commissions for each vendor is a big task and consumes a lot of time. To make it easy and hustle free “Vendor Commission Management” Plugin is built for all NopCommerce stores. To ensure the plugin will work OK for your customized website please contact us


1. Download plugin
2. Login as Administrator
3. Go to Configuration
4. Click on Plugins
5. Click on "upload plugin or theme" (Upload the downloaded plugin)
6. After the list reloads, scroll down to the line with new plugin name, and click the "Install" link.
7. When the plugin is installed successfully
8. Click on "vendor commission management" tab and there will be two options-

a) Commission management- Enter the following details
    1. Is Percentage
    2. Commission
    3. Edit – To update the existing record
    4. Delete-To delete the record                                    
b) Order Commission-
    1. Order id
    2. Vendor Name
    3. Commission
    4. Order Date
    5. Is Paid
    6. Paid Date

Search Tab to filter the order on the basis of Vendor, Order Id, Is Paid, From Date, To Date